The Friends of the Library in Oxford

DONATIONS-Please contribute to the Friends of the Library in Oxford. Every dollar you donate to the Jane D. Weiss Family Foundation will be matched to double the donation to the Friends of the Library in Oxford. Donations of $25 and over with your name and address will be acknowledged as a charitable tax deduction. Thank you for your continuing support.




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The Friends of the Library in Oxford
Est. 1965


The purpose of The Friends of the Library in Oxford shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in the Oxford Public

Library; to focus public attention on library services, facilities and needs; and to stimulate gifts, endowments and bequests to the Library.

The Friends of the Library in Oxford is devoted to providing supplementary programs, services & equipment to increase the scope and

effectiveness of the Oxford Public Library and to raise funds to that end.

The Friends of the Library in Oxford has made numerous contributions to Oxford Public Library, such as:

New Computers♦Museum & Attractions Passes

Educational Programming for Children & Adults

Large Print Books♦Kindles

Reading Area Furniture♦Children’s Area furnishings


Please consider joining or maintaining your membership with our 501(c)(3) non-profit group.

Your continued support is very important and appreciated. Thank You!

Name/Business Name: __________________________________________________________________________________

Business Contact Name: ___________________________________Telephone # __________________________________

Home Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________

Email Address _____________________________________________________________________________

Please, do not contact me

Please make checks payable to: ‘The Friends of the Library in Oxford’; Enclose your check(s) with this form & mail to:

The Friends of the Library in Oxford, 486 Oxford Rd., Oxford, CT 06478

**Contributions of $25 & over are tax-deductible

Date: ________________________________________

New Membership Renewal Membership

$ 7 Individual                            $ 50 Silver Business                                 I would like to be an active Friend.

$15 Family                               $100 Gold Business                                      Please contact me about:

$ 5 Senior Citizen                     $500 Lifetime Membership                          Fundraising Annual Book Sale

$ 2 Student                                                                                                                  General Help

I wish to donate to the:

$_____Library Building Fund

$_____Friends General Fund

$_____Fernando De Andrade, Jr. Memorial Fund (Children’s area in new library building)

Please make separate donation checks payable to the : 'Friends of the Library in Oxford'

$_____Jane D. Weiss Family Foundation - Will match your contribution to the Friends.

Please make a separate check payable to the : ‘Jane D. Weiss Family Foundation’