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    The mission of the Oxford Public Library is to provide a dynamic resource of materials and services for the community, enabling the pursuit of personal, educational, business, and recreational interests for residents of all ages.  

The library is responsible for being Oxford's information center and therefore strives to provide Oxford the best available technology for accessing information in whatever format it may exist and ensure that patrons can become informed on the widest range of interests and concerns. 

The library also recognizes that the exchange of information is a social activity and supports that exchange by providing for a variety of educational, civic, and cultural events.

Adopted by the Library Board of Directors June 2006

Patron Registration & Library Card Usage Policy


Every resident of Oxford who is at least 5 years old is eligible for a free library card. A resident is defined as one who makes Oxford their principal place of residence.  A valid library card is required in order to borrow materials from the library.


Library cards will be issued upon providing proof of identity and current residency and completion of a registration form.  Any one of the following may be used as proof of residency: 

·                    Current valid driver’s license

·                    Current utility bill

·                    Current lease agreement or property deed

·                    Current passport

·                    Preprinted check

·                    Cancelled mailed item

·                    Current Connecticut vehicle registration

·                    Current voter registration card

Proof of residency must include name and street address.  A post office box is not proof of residency.

A parent or legal guardian must be present and co-sign the registration form of a child under the age of 18 years.

Library cards may be used immediately after being issued.

Library cards will not be issued fifteen minutes prior to the closing of the library.

Temporary Cards:

The library issues temporary cards for seasonal residents and teachers who need to borrow material for an extended period of time.

 Replacement Cards:

 The replacement charge for a damaged, lost or stolen library card is $2.00.

Non-Resident Policy:

Non-residents of Oxford must present a valid Connecticut public library card.  A valid library card must contain all of the following:

1.  The name & town of the issuing library.

2.  The name & address of the person to whom the library card is issued.

3.  A specific future expiration date.

 *No out-of-state library cards will be accepted.


 Library cards are issued for a period of three years and may be renewed at the end of that period provided that the borrower is in good standing and has no items overdue.

Responsibilities of Borrowers:

 Borrowers are responsible for:

 1.      All library materials borrowed on their library card.  Cards may not be loaned to others.

2.      Reporting change of name and/or address to the library.

3.      Reporting lost or stolen library cards.  The card will be canceled as of the date of notification.

4.      The replacement cost of lost or damaged items or parts of items.  Replacement fees will be determined by the cost indicated in the item record. Materials out-of-print will be valued at the material cost of the item.  If a damaged item can be repaired, the patron will be charged the cost of the repair.  Patrons should not attempt to repair library materials.  If part of an item has been lost, the patron will be charged for the replacement of that part if it can be replaced.  If the part cannot be replaced, the patron will be charged the replacement cost of the entire item.

Overdue Materials: 

Public library services are based on the principle that library patrons assume certain responsibilities to cooperate in providing a community resource.  One of these responsibilities is to return borrowed materials promptly so that the materials will be available to others.  To facilitate the timely return of materials, the library has established loan periods based upon a judgment of a reasonable time period needed by the average patron to utilize the material.

Written notification of item(s) overdue will be mailed when material is two weeks overdue, and again when material is three weeks overdue.  The third notice states that the patron is blocked from borrowing anything else and lists the cost of missing items so that the patron may pay for their replacement if necessary.  Once a patron is blocked the library will suspend the patron’s borrowing privileges until all overdue materials are returned.


The Oxford Public Library does not charge fines for overdue materials except movies and museum passes.  In lieu of fines, a “conscience box” for donations is located on the circulation desk.  The fine for movies is $2 per movie per day with a maximum fine of $10 for movies taken out at one time. The fine for museum passes is $2 per day, with no maximum.

 Movie Rules:

·        Videos/ DVDs are loaned out for seven days.
·        Fines on late returns are $2.00 per day per video.
Fines will be charged on late videos that are returned in the book drop.
Video privileges will be suspended until all fines are paid.
Patrons must be 18 years old to borrow videos.
Three (3) videos may be borrowed at one time on one adult card.
Call the library (888-6944) if you have an emergency and are unable to return your videos by the time stated above.
Videos may not be renewed or reserved.
The library is not responsible for damage to patron’s VCRs or DVD players. 

Loan Periods & Limits

·        Books and Audiobooks            21 days
New Fiction and Non-Fiction    14 days
Compact Disks                           7 days
Magazines                                 14 days
DVD/Video                                 7 days


Patrons may request over the phone or e-mail that up to 5 books be held for them.  Books will be held for patrons for up to one week.  If several patrons have requested the same book it will be reserved for each in the order of their requests.  Videos, DVDs, and CDs may not be reserved.

Library Code of Conduct

  Board Policies